Yeah....of course I still ride.
Heart Disease? - who me??
Don't tell my bicycle

Ziknai Kedar (the elders of Kedar) - Uri Shiran (our bike 'engineer'), Striko (the Captain), Mike (me)
Ziknai Kedar - The Sea of Galilee is in the background
Ziknai Kedar - We ride in all weather (almost)
Ziknai Kedar - with a few guests
With Yog (the star of 'Surviving') and Uri
Mike, Striko, Uri, Shumuel
Tuvi in action
Shlomi and Naamah
A bunch of extras this time
With Sagi at Mitzpe Ramon
Esty - Dead Sea is in background
With Esty on a break
2010 - We finally get Rakefet on a bike!
With Tuvi, Sagi and yours truly
Hotze Golan October 2006 (Cross Golan ride) - With Uri on a break
Hotze Golan 2006 - On the way to the next break....
Hotze Golan October 2007 (Cross Golan ride) - Someone apparently thought that this was my better side
Hotze Golan 2007 - No sun screen necessary
Hotze Golan October 2008
Hotze Golan 2008
Hotze Golan April 2009
Hotze Golan April 2009 -more green and colorful than in October!
Hotze Golan October 2009
Hotze Golan October 2009 -with Sagi
Morning bike ride in the neighborhood - July, 2011
July 13, 2011
which is exactly 10 years to the day since my heart attack and stent, and is 8 years without the statins and 4 1/2 years functioning normally despite the CTO.
I decided to celebrate by taking a day of from work and bike ride from Jerusalem to Beer-Sheva, an off-road/road ride of 120 km. See pictures here.

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