July 13, 2011 exactly 10 years since my heart attack and stent, which is 8 years without the statins, and 4 1/2 years functioning with a CTO, I decided to celebrate by taking a day of from work and bike from Jerusalem to Beer-Sheva, an off-road/road ride of 120 km.

After the descent from Jerusalem, starting the trail to Bet Shemesh.
Another still shot.
My picture taking is improving - I rode alone but still managed a timed action shot.
Start of the scenic route.
Mountainous view between Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh.
Another self action shot.
Landscape view.
More action.....
Another set, run, ride, click......
My dashboard.
The stream sounds nice, looks nice, but is downstream from a water purification plant.
Same stream.
How's that for nice effect?
Existing the trail and approaching Bet Shemesh.
No explanation necessary, I turn left.
View from Bet Shemesh.
Finally, my breakfast break.
Continuing south.
Same bunch.
Approaching Bet Guvrin.
Turn right.
The same right.
Bet Guvrin antiquities - note the Sabres fruit.
Before Kiryat Gat, turn and continue southbound.
Approaching some agricultural developments.
Still southbound.
Finally found a tree to break under - starting to get REALLY HOT!
South bound, approaching Kibbutz Shomria.
What a difference from the cool ride leaving Jerusalem.
No, I didn't break my nose - I forgot sunscreen, and temperature still rising.
Typical Negev scene - desert!
30 km from Beer-Sheva - 37 degrees C. (98 degrees F.) I'm riding less, and breaking more.
Beer-Sheva, finally!!
Destination and I'm jumping into the shower!
And celebrating with a nice dinner - I'm ready for bed.....

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